Selection Process


Grantee Selection Process & Criteria


We want the goals of our beneficiaries to fit with the foundation's own commitment to humanitarian response and disaster relief; peace-building and conflict resolution; transparency and the rule of law; the development of a global culture of philanthropy; and enabling economic, social, and political progress and unlocking human potential by supporting poverty alleviation.


The Foundation will fund organizations that operate in areas where we believe there is a combination of demonstrated need AND the opportunity to make a measurable difference. Thus far, much of the Foundation's support has been targeted to organizations based in and/or active in Europe, which is a critical part of why the Foundation is based in the Netherlands.


The Foundation is not only intent on funding organizations that are well-managed and efficient, it is seeking to support NGOs that are undertaking innovative approaches to tackle challenges like persistent poverty, humanitarian crisis, corruption, and inequality. For this reason, we are willing to take risks by providing early-stage, experimental funding to new and existing organizations and projects that are seeking to address global problems in novel, scalable, and, where appropriate, market-driven ways.

The Giustra International Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.