The Stichting Giustra International Foundation is a Dutch Foundation, established on October 10, 2019 with its statutory seat in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The fiscal identification number of the Stichting is RSIN 860500469.


At the Foundation we envision a world where every individual is allowed to pursue his goals in life, free from unfair and unexpected economic, social, and political constraints. We believe that the best long-term solution to inequality and poverty is meaningful employment, but we also recognize that there are many obstacles that people encounter – including violent conflict, health insecurity, natural disasters, limited educational opportunities, insufficient access to capital and to markets, ignorance, corruption, and discrimination – in pursuit of this ambition. Accordingly, we work with others to remove and/or remediate these barriers to prosperity through the provision of catalytic support to entities (both new and existing) that are pioneering novel solutions, as well as established organizations scaling proven ideas.


The purposes of the Foundation, which it achieves through strategic grantmaking, are:

  • To alleviate poverty in general, and provide response, relief and recovery support to areas and people experiencing humanitarian crises and/or natural disasters;
  • To enhance the health, education and wellbeing of children and young adults;
  • To enhance the democratic order by encouraging all stakeholders in society to advance accountability, transparency, the rule of law and good governance globally;
  • To increase awareness of the critical importance of philanthropy; and
  • To support conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

The Stichting Giustra International Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.